About Us

Erdogan Ambalaj (Packaging), which has acquired a deep-rooted and strong place in its sector, dates back to 1969. Our company, which was founded by the late Nail Erdogan in Mahmutpaşa, determined the needs of the time and collected all the needs under one roof, knowing that textile accessories and packaging are an integral whole. In addition, it continued its investments with its packaging and accessories manufacturing plant, which it built on an area of 12,000 m2 in Küçükköy in 1993. By constantly improving itself, it has gained the trust of its customers by delivering the products needed by the sector to its customers at quality and affordable prices, and its reputation in the sector has been achieved in its commercial life for more than half a century thanks to an understanding that does not compromise honesty.

Today, our company, which has many products from packaging to accessories, needle to thread, continues to meet the needs of our valued business partners by expanding its product range every day.

We commemorate our late founder Nail Erdogan, who has always illuminated our path with his views and ideas, and we continue to work with all our might to pass on the values he has taught us from generation to generation.